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About Captain K. H. Singh Memorial Golf Tournament and Banquet

International Institute of Gurmat Studies, Inc is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. It's very pleased to announce its 8th Annual Captain K. H. Singh Memorial Golf Tournament and Banquet. Please join us at the beautiful Los Serranos Country Club on October 26, 2019

This tournament is organized to honor the memory of Captain K. H. Singh, the founder of IIGS. Captain Singh also known as Papaji, worked diligently and selflessly for the betterment of youth his entire life. Through this event, IIGS raises funds for scholarships for Sikh students pursuing higher education.

About International Institute of Gurmat Studies (IIGS): IIGS also popularly known as IGS is a premier Sikh organization that has been serving the Sikh Community since 1955. IIGS works closely with various organizations around the world to spread the message of the our wonderful Gurus and their Bani, promote awareness about the Sikh Faith and strengthen the love for Waheguru ji in the hearts of everyone. To date, IIGS has organized 88 Sikh International Youth Camps and 14 family and mothers camps worldwide. IIGS also has been serving the house of the Gurus include Kirtan programs, lectures,  Picnics, fairs, IIGS School, speech and Kirtan competitions, TV program (IIGS Calling), variety of publications, Gurbani Researcher, Microfiling of hand written Sikh Scriptures, Honoring exceptional Sikhs in all fields of life and organizing Darbar-E-Khalsa for the past 32 years.

IIGS is a non-profit organization and all your donations are tax-exempt. Please donate generously!


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